The planning is a masterpiece of interdisciplinary work between architects and engineers. With our goals to create a low energy building, which required a strict and close cooperation between whole disciplines, bring our standard to be the next level. 




Project Manager

Project Planning Services Co., Ltd.

Site Location

Bang Phli, Samut Prakan

Project Duration


  • Airport Maintenance Facilities – Building and Workshops
  • Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Systems -Water and Sewer pipe networks
  • Power Distribution and Ductbank Network Systems – Utility tunnels, Field substation, Ductbanks and Distribution and control system


PPS in consortium with 2 other Thai consultants was awarded the construction supervision contract of these 3 contracts within Suvarnabhumi Airport site.

The building displayed evidence of the local cultural and artistic heritage, which contains steel and glass as the main structure of materials.


‘The golden land’

The modern way 

of expressing Thai identity

The domestic and international halls are clearly separated with the second floor as a dedicated arrival hall and the fourth floor as a departure hall.

A huge roof trellis structure placed over the complex of functionally separate building, which provides the architectural image as approached from the landside.

Experiencing the world’s largest single building, Suvarnabhumi Airport’s passenger terminal, which is able to accommodate 45 million passengers.