Supreme Court 

Of Thailand

Its located in Bangkok, which nearby the grand palace. The supreme court’s judgment both civil and criminal cases will become the final except when having new evidence emerges. 


On Process


Project Manager

Project Planning Service Pcl.

Site Location

Rattanakosin Island, Bangkok

Project Duration

2015 – 2017


One of the most proudly presented project. The Supreme Court is located in the important area of Bangkok, Rattanakosin Island is a conservation area that includes along with the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, many other buildings of great historical and artistic interest.


The district is where Bangkok was originally founded as the capital of the country in 1782, and the City Pillar Shrine, the first building to have been erected, is adjacent to the Supreme Court site.


The Supreme Court has great significance for Thais, as it was one of the first institutions to be formed after the dissolving of the absolute monarchy in 1932.

The Supreme Court is the court of final appeal in all civil and criminal cases in the entire kingdom that also represents Thai cultures and identity.


‘The highest court of Thailand’

The supreme court 

is major significance for Thais,

Its area is around the buildings of great historical and artistic interest and it was also one of the first institutions is established after the dissolving of the absolute monarchy. Therefore, the main design is maintaining Thai identity to be holy and respectful for both Thai and foreign.

The court consists of the Presidents, a maximum of six Vice Presidents, the Secretary and a number of justices.